What's Up with bEDO sHIRTS?

July 2014 marks the sixth year anniversary of bEDOsHIRTS.com being online. To celebrate this achievement, we have decided to upgrade the website to a new and improved system in an effort to better serve our loyal customers.

We plan on making an official announcement in July. But, seeing as this is an on-going upgrade that's taking a bit longer than anticipated, and the fact that it's summer which seems to add to the chaos, I thought it would be a good idea to at least post a simple explanation here.

So, as you're browsing the new version, please let us know if you come across anything odd or buggy, so that we can address the issue asap. We look forward to bringing you a better shopping experience and also have a bunch of really sweet new designs that we're super exited to be adding to the collection.

The site is now live and accepting orders for the USA. More countries will be added shortly.